Acupuncture for Migraines

Acupuncture is one of the earliest medical techniques on the planet, practiced in China for over 2,000 years. It is a FDA-approved treatment technique for a variety of diseases, particularly discomfort management and persistent pain, and is especially effective in dealing with migraines.

Acupuncture is a Conventional Chinese Medication treatment that involves stimulating a few of the over 800 vital energy points in the body with fine, hair-thin needles to release chi and encourage the body to heal itself. The vital force points are on the meridians that run through the body from head to toe.

Chi (pronounced chee), or life energy, flows through these meridians and energy points. The obstruction of the circulation of chi results in illness and is considered the source of many physical aches and pains. The flow of chi along the meridians can be obstructed by illness, bad diet, the weather condition, and other outside aspects.

Many acupuncture practitioners work with patients to form a treatment strategy that treats both the obstructions and the things that trigger them. These treatment strategies, like those of Western Medicine, typically consist of diet and lifestyle modifications to boost the patients’ wellness.

Migraine sufferers need to tell their acupuncturist exactly where they hurt. The area of pain is important and which acupuncture points in the head, face, and neck that needs to be treated. Acupuncturist insert needles to pressure the points depending upon where the migraine pain is most intense.

Migraine sufferers can discover long-term relief from their migraines headaches by engaging acupuncturist specializes in headaches. These specialists do a personalized assessment of the patient to create a long-lasting treatment plan. Many individuals who undergo an acupuncture program like this experience remedy for migraines for many years afterward. For some the headaches stop entirely.